Actor Abhay Deol is currently in California where a massive wildfire has broken out. He was enjoying the sunny weather till things changed.

“Always sunny in California, until the wind direction changed and we got the smoke come in from the fires! With a scarf as my mask (unraveled for this selfie),” Abhay wrote as caption with an image he posted on Instagram.

Apart from his work projects, Abhay recently made headlines with his posts on social media, where he expressed his views on nepotism and corrupt practices prevailing in the system.

“My uncle, whom I affectionately call dad, was an outsider who made it big in the film industry. I”m glad there is an active debate on the practices behind the scenes. Nepotism is just the tip of the iceberg. I”ve only ever made one film with my family, my 1st, and I”m grateful to be blessed and have that privileged,”

“Nepotism is prevalent everywhere in our culture, be it in politics, business, or film. I was well aware of it and it pushed me to take chances with new directors and producers throughout my career. That is how I was able to make movies that were considered “out of the box,” he had said.


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By vinayak