According to recent reports Kannada actress Shanaya Katwe, known for the recent comedy ‘Ondu Ghanteya Kathe‘, has been arrested by the Hubbali rural police for the murder of her 32-year-old brother. The victim has been identified as Rakesh Katwe in the reports which reveal that his decapitated head was found in the forest area of Devaragudihal with his other severed body parts disposed and found across Gadag Road and other areas of Hubballi.

The reports also suggest that the gruesome incident took place at Shanaya and victim Rakesh’s house in Hubballi when the former had visited the city to promote her film. Shanaya has been rumored to have had a love affair with Niyazahmed Katigar and with Rakesh opposing to the relationship, he was strangled to death by Niyaz and his three other friends at the house; the body was later chopped up and disposed of in several areas of the city. The Dharwad police later managed to nab Niyaz (21) along with the three other suspects – Tousif Channapur (21), Aman Giraniwale (19), and Altaf Mulla (24). Shanaya Katwe too was arrested on Thursday (22nd April) for her alleged involvement in the murder.

A model-turned-actor, Shanaya Katwe made her acting debut in 2018 with the Kannada film ‘Idam Premam Jeevanam‘ and was seen in the recent adult comedy ‘Ondu Ghanteya Kathe’.


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By vinayak