Chetan Bhagat was recently asked about how reviews of the film critics affected the late actor Sushant Singh Rajput, on which the author made shocking revelations.

He said that Sushant’s movies were not appreciated in the right way despite them being good. They had a particular group, where they would discuss the ratings to be given a film beforehand. The author added that these things affected Sushant Singh Rajput a lot; he couldn’t do much about the film critics who tried to drag him down, and he opened about it to director Abhishek Kapoor.

Further, Chetan Bhagat also spoke how the blind items on the late actor did not have any truth in them. He made a point very clear that calling Sushant Singh Rajput a molester is simply ridiculous. He added that Sushant was a man with good looks, why would he indulge in such acts.

Meanwhile, the CBI is doing the investigation from a fresh end. Today, the investigating agency recreated the crime scene at Sushant’s appartment.


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By vinayak