Amid the COVID-19 pandemic, as celebrities come together to offer support to the people in help and crisis, Daisy Shah shares there have been situations where a user is just pretending to need help, just to see a mention of their name on a celeb’s instagram story. She has been helping people in need by amplifying their requests of seeking medical facilities, on social media.

In an interview with a news portal, the actress stated that people are not understanding the gravity of the situation. Actors actually want to help, but these few people are like, ‘Celeb ki story pe apna naam aaya, voh chahiye apne ko’, Why?

The ‘Race 3’ actress recently shared a series of Instagram stories pointing out the same. “A lot of people have been sending requests. If a person is genuinely in need of something, they share the patient’s name, age, requirement etc. But I also get certain direct messages, saying ‘please help’. What sort of help do you want? Voh toh mention karo. Just because you want to see your name getting flashed on a celeb’s story?” she asks.

On being asked about dealing with the pandemic, the actress shared with the portal, that she has been making the most out of this, by learning a lot of things. Before the pandemic broke out, everyone was living a life, by only running. She stated that the pandemic slowed down our lives and taught us the importance of what life should be.


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By vinayak