Dilip Kumar’s brothers, Ehsaan Khan and Aslam Khan had been admitted to Mumbai’s Lilavati Hospital (Bandra) on August 16 after they tested positive on the Coronavirus test and had low oxygen levels. We had brought you a detailed report on that and now we have it that despite best efforts by the doctors, their condition has deteriorated.

We also have it that Ehsaan Khan and Aslam Khan have not been put on a ventilator. The non-invasive ventilator, which was put on Sunday itself, however, remains. The key members of their family are duly given the updates about their health on a regular basis.

When contacted, Dr Jalil Parkar of Lilavati, under whose care Ehsaan Khan and Aslam Khan have been hospitalised, told ETimes, “They are critical because of their age and comorbidities. Their vital organs are beginning to become a cause of concern.”

Ehsaan Khan is about 90 and Aslam Khan is a few years younger to him. The two have had a history of blood pressure and heart ailment.


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By vinayak