Shutting down all rumours that have been doing the rounds claiming DMX‘s family is running campaigns to raise funds for his funeral, an official statement by the late star’s members has been released that says it is completely bogus and not connected to them at all.

A family member of the late star told an entertainment portal, “There has been a lot of unfounded rumours circulating after DMX’s death last week, including a particularly absurd one — namely, that his inner circle is raising money to help pay for his upcoming funeral.”

The family members have confirmed in a statement that they are not raising money, and they actually want the public to know any campaigns suggesting the contrary are completely bogus, and not connected to them at all.

“We are aware there is any number of flat-out scammers out there soliciting money in X’s name … and we just want fans to be wary,” the family members in a joint statement said.

Another news that DMX fans should be aware of is that his family members are not selling any of his merch at the time. The people who have been selling all his stuff in the market are making profiting from it.

The last rumour that his family members have put down is the theory that says Jay-Z and Beyonce have bought DMX’s masters for a cool USD 10 million with the idea of making sure his kids can reap the profits down

the line.

Putting this rumour straight, they explained, “X’s masters are not in play with Jay and Bey at all. Yes, some are still under Def Jam control — but not owned by Jay outright”.

Meanwhile, the American rapper DMX who passed away on Friday, after being on life support following an April 2 drug overdose will soon be honoured with a memorial in his hometown.

The mayor of Yonkers also suggested a raceway for his memorial. Public and private service is currently in the works, and plans are being finalized this week.


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