It has been 18 years since Emraan Hashmi made his entry into show business. The actor debuted with Footpath, directed by Vikram Bhatt and written and produced by Mahesh and Mukesh Bhatt. The actor travelled through an array of movies, most of which had him kissing on screen and getting intimate with his leading ladies. In the last couple of years though, the actor did find his true calling and started selecting projects which could help him break the serial-kisser tag, attached to him since the early years of his career. Emraan’s choices also led him to experiment with the digital space and pick roles in films that were different from his previous works. Mumbai Saga, Harami, Chehre (yet to release), Baadshaho, The Body, and Why Cheat India are recent examples of his desire to reinvent himself as an actor.

Talking about staying relevant to the business even 18 years after his debut, Emraan says, “Every day and every year is a struggle. You just pray that you get another year to be here and to do some good work. It’s really testing. Even if you have a footing, you can’t become complacent in this business. You have to keep doing the punches and more so, now. With every year, there is a sea of new talent that emerges which only means that people from my generation have to keep our game up. You can never become overconfident about anything. It’s true for all of us. You have to keep at it. The only thing that I have understood is that if you are passionate about your job, you love the process of getting into a character and living it up, bringing it alive with all your effort, it will always pay off. That is the only mantra I have worked with.”


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By vinayak