Hell has broken loose in the country in the wake of the second COVID-19 wave which seems to have come with some extra vigour that is adversely affecting a large number of people, contrary to the earlier expectations that it wouldn’t. After Aamir Khan, the latest to get hit in B-Town is Dharmendra’s staff.

ETimes has it that about 3 people in the Deol household in Juhu Scheme have tested positive for COVID. Adding to that, a source adds, “But all said and done, every possible precaution and procedure is being followed. Even otherwise, the Deols have been very cautious and particular. The second wave which has come about is extremely mysterious and beating all logic.”

A source says, “Let’s hope that the employees who have tested positive in the Deol home get well soon. Importantly, it should not spread to those who had been around them in the past few days. Every precaution is being taken by Dharamji and his family to keep the COVID-infected staff completely isolated, no stone is being left unturned. Dharamji has been usually parking himself since the past few months in his farmhouse in Lonavala but today he is in Mumbai.”

When contacted, Dharmendra confirmed and added, “Well, I had got myself vaccinated (the senior star had put out the information about his immunisation on social media on March 20) and I am feeling fine. I have now undergone the COVID test, though. The result is expected by evening.”


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By vinayak