Author Ashish Kaul whose book ‘Didda-Kashmir Ki Yodha Rani’ is up for a release soon, after its English version released in 2017, had accused Kangana Ranaut of violating copyrights when she announced her upcoming film, ‘Manikarnika-The Legend of Didda’. But the actress promptly shot down his claims stating that the film was not based on his book. Etimes has now learnt that the author sent a legal notice to the actress, demanding she reply within 72 hours.

Ashish continues to maintain that he is the sole copyright owner to the life of the legendary yet enigmatic warrior queen Didda who ruled in the Valley directly and indirectly for over five decades. As reported earlier, the author had shared the contents of the book with the actress in an email requesting her to write a foreword for the book. The notice reads, “Our Client was further appalled to discover that the nature and treatment of the character of Didda in the Proposed Film, was identical to the Narrative Text, the Book and the information communicated by Our Client in his e-mail of 11 September 2020. To add further insult to injury, Kangana Ranaut and Kamal Kumar Jain have since issued public statements alleging that their proposed Film is not based on the Book. It is re-iterated that the description of Didda as identified by Kangana Ranaut to promote the Film is identical to as set out in the Book.”

The author complains that following his claims, the actress’s legion of fans has been abusing and trolling him on social media. The notice further adds, “On account of such false denunciations, Our Client has been trolled and abused by the fans of Kangana Ranaut on Twitter and has suffered extreme mental anguish. It is unfortunate that Our Client, an established and published author and one of the few leading authorities on Didda in the world, is being needlessly harassed due to the actions of Ms. Kangana Ranaut and Mr. Kamal Kumar Jain. Our Client further risks financial losses as he has been in conversation with major producers and studios for the production of a film based on the book and the script, which has been registered since 2017. The actions and representations of Ms. Kangana Ranaut, Mr. Kamal Kumar and Ms. Rangoli Ranaut will severely impact all opportunities of commercial exploitation of the Narrative Text, the Book, and the Script by Kaul.”

Ashish has given Kangana 72 hours to reply to the notice, failing which will result in further legal action against her.


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By vinayak