This morning, Warina Hussain declared that she has quit social media. She wrote on her Instagram: “Peace out. I remember reading somewhere that you don’t have to announce your departure because this isn’t an airport. But I’ll do so for my friends and fans, whose love has always been my strength. This is my last social media post but my team will continue to manage my account so you can stay up to date on my work. Lots of love – Alien.” Furthermore, she captioned the post, “In Aamir sir’s language, dropping the pretence.”

Well, she had gone off it for a month even last year. Is this time for real? Is this time for permanent? ETimes decided to get in touch with her and understand all about it.

Warina began by saying that she is not active on social media. “So, my logic is that how long can I just go on being it and keep putting something or the other, which I am not doing willingly and lovingly? Who am I pleasing and why? My friends are all active on social media and they told me that I should not take this step but I debated over it for a long time and felt that I should listen to my head and heart.”

But why is she not active, unlike most of her contemporaries? “Okay, let me tell you why. I had been observing this for a long time but I made up my mind two days ago on World Earth Day (April 22). I put out a thoughtful post and saw that very few people were interested in having a conversation around it. On the other hand, there are several people who want to comment when I put out selfies or other pictures of mine. So what’s the point?”

Warina revealed that she deleted WhatsApp from her phone sometime ago. “That will give you an idea of how much I detest fakeness. If people really want to get in touch with you or know how you are, why do they message you on WhatsApp? Why can’t they call and have a sensitive conversation and ask about your health and near and dear ones? Isn’t it a very fluffy or just-for-the-heck-of-it way to touch base? In fact, I also wonder how people make personal and professional conversations both on WhatsApp, on one window you’re fighting with a friend but on the other you’re seriously talking about your work. Doubtful!”

Warina also regrets mobile phones that have made social media more toxic. “Everyone is just writing randomly and indiscriminately from anywhere and everywhere on social media. Frankly, I haven’t received nasty comments, except just once or twice. But the place in general has become too toxic. I had to say goodbye to it for my sanity.”

The ‘Loveratri’ actress recalls her New Year get-together with friends on December 31, 2019. “We were out and decided that we shall keep our phones away for four days. I did it, but all my friends somehow failed to do so. You don’t enjoy it when friends or relatives around you are all busy immersed in their phones. You are talking to them and they are also talking to you, but they aren’t looking at you. Imagine the kind of attention that is being given and the attention-span that is being generated. Add this to the fact that when you go out to any place and instead of enjoying the surroundings, you start only clicking pictures. And why do you click them? Just to put them out on Instagram. I somehow also feel that in our world or profession, we get pictures clicked to make a statement of scoring brownie points over each other; else again, why would we put them out in public?”

However, Ms Hussain hasn’t deleted her account. So does that mean that like last time, she’ll return after some days or months? “Last time, I was off social media for a month. That was a detox. Now it’s going to be forever. My team can manage the account if they want to as far as my work is concerned,” Warina concluded rather emphatically.

Warina has a comedy film ‘Poster’ coming up which she says needs a schedule abroad that will happen when things clear out a bit on the COVID front. Meanwhile, she has completed another film ‘The Incomplete Man’ and signed two South films. ‘Loveratri’ produced by Salman Khan was Warina’s Bollywood debut wherein she was paired up with Salman’s brother-in-law’s Aayush Sharma. She was later seen in the song ‘Munna Badnam Hua‘ in ‘Dabangg 3’.


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