The past year has been all things productive for Karan Singh Grover. From earning massive praise for his performance on OTT to pursuing his passion for painting during lockdown and after having recovered from Covid, the actor took off to Maldives to celebrate his birthday. In an exclusive interaction with ETimes, Karan Singh Grover got all chatty and spilled the beans on working with wife Bipasha Basu, speculations of a baby and his recovery from Covornavirus among other things.

On his recovery from Covid
I was very angry with myself when I got the virus. I often say things that I later regret and I went around saying that I am the anti-virus, and when I got the virus I was like why do you have to say stuff? As for the recovery, every person reacts to everything differently. I couldn’t smell for three days and that was the only symptom that I had. I was told not to work out for sometime so for Bipasha’s sanity I didn’t work out for sometime, not because I couldn’t but just so that she doesn’t get stressed. Now I am back to doing everything and the recovery was smooth.

On his birthday celebration in Maldives
We usually try to celebrate our birthday in Maldives. Last year it couldn’t happen but this time we made sure to take off to Maldives. Bipasha gifted me another very beautiful and expensive watch on my birthday. I think every year by buying these expensive watches, she tells me that I should be on time. There is a lot of money paid to tell me that. Anyway there is this Basu fire, which got ignited when I met her. So, basically everybody in her family is always like ready and on time. And Basu fire is basu fire, it is behind me all the time!

On rumours of Bipasha being pregnant

We are so vocal and we share our love so openly and proudly that whenever there is a little monkey running around, everyone will know! It is just natural progression that people fall in love, get married and then after a few years they have a baby. And if you don’t have a baby then people start speculating that you must have a baby. Whenever ours happens, we will let everyone know, till then you can keep speculating.

On doing web seriesfor OTT platforms
I am very grateful for all the love that I am receiving. Everything is becoming digital and I think it got more of a boost because the whole world was shut. That’s a good thing for the audience because everyone wants some sort of content and I am also one of them. And OTT is good for actors also because there’s lots of work.

On working again with Bipasha Basu

No, after ‘Dangerous’ there is nothing. I would love to work with her all the time but I don’t think she wants to work with me. She loves me in everything and seen me every day and every night. So I think she would like not have me sit on her head while she’s working, so I guess that’s why. We have responsibility towards everyone who loves us and we try out best to our best. I don’t think she wants to work with me again! If I was living with myself for 24/7 then maybe even I would want to take a break.


On OTT censorship
Entertainment is entertainment and fiction is fiction! And reality is reality. If you can tell the difference between fiction and reality, then you should just be letting people get entertained the way they want. People are making such rules for a higher good maybe, but I don’t think it helps anybody, the restrictions that we put and the reasons for those restrictions. Unfortunately everything said becomes a controversy. I’m saying that this time is given to us for making ourselves better in every way and not regressing.

On box office success
Box office is very important for me personally, but it’s important for everybody in this industry. I have been ignorant in the past and said that doesn’t make a difference to me but I think it makes a difference to everyone involved in the process of making a movie. And at the end of the day, yeah, the audience is not looking at the box office because they saw the film, web show and took a feeling with them, which is what they wanted. This is an encouragement for the makers. Box office is important, no matter what part you play in filmmaker, it affects everyone.


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By vinayak