The Holi song from ‘Sholay’ goes: ‘Gile shikve bhool ke doston, dushman bhi gale mil jaate hain’. Not dushman anymore, but certainly the friction that had snowballed between Aaliya and her brother-in-law has got quite a bit dissolved with time and the water-n-colors of Holi.

ETimes broke the big story to you just a few minutes ago that Aaliya has moved to Nawaz’s farmhouse in Kasara. Therein, we also told you that it was Nawaz’s brother Shamas Siddiqui who drove the kids from the Mumbai airport to Kasara, when Nawaz had brought them back from Lucknow owing to the surge in COVID.

We now have it that Shamas too, like Aaliya, Shora and Yaani, has parked himself at the Kasara farmhouse since the past few days. “Yes, Shamas too is here. We all met very warmly,” Aaliya confirms. “In fact, we three- Yaani, Shora and I- played Holi with Shamas, today.”

When contacted, Shamas said, “Ups and downs are a part of life. We all learn from experiences. Woh waqt guzar gaya. I will do anything for the family. It’s all fine between us now. All’s well. Nawaz bhai is likely to join us on April 5 or 6. And yes, we played Holi together this morning. We are so tired, it’s 10.30 pm as I speak to you now but abhi tak thakavat gayi nahi hai.”

Below are some exclusive pictures of the four, playing Holi.

Nawaz's wife Aaliya - Holi (6)

Nawaz's daughter
Nawaz's wife Aaliya - Holi (4)

Nawaz's wife Aaliya - Holi (5)

Nawaz's wife Aaliya - Holi (2)

Nawaz's wife Aaliya - Holi (1)

Nawaz's wife Aaliya - Holi (8)

Nawaz's wife Aaliya - Holi (7)

Nawaz is expected to join his family at the Kasara farmhouse in the next 5-6 days. According to Aaliya, he should be with them on April 5.

For those who’ve come in late, Shamas had given an exclusive statement to ETimes when Aaliya had waved the white flag in her marital discord with Nawaz recently and we had carried an exclusive interview with her. Talking to us from Dubai, Shamas had categorically added, “I love these two kids very much. I can do anything for them. They too love me a lot and everyone (in the family) knows this. Nawaz bhai is the head of the family and whatever is good and right for him will be good and right for us too.”

Well, we must say the man has kept his word!


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