Today, Bollywood actress Payal Ghosh filed an FIR against filmmaker Anurag Kashyap at the Versova police station after accusing him of sexual misconduct under the offense of rape, wrongful restrain, wrongful confinement, and outraging the modesty of women. Talking to ETimes, the actress’s lawyer Nitin Satpute exclusively opened up about the allegations of his client.

What are the accusations of Payal Ghosh against Anurag Kashyap?

My client, Payal Ghosh was looking for work like every other actor for which her manager had taken an appointment of Anurag Kashyap, and soon she was called to the filmmaker’s office for their first meeting which went fine. Their second meet happened at Kashyap’s house where he had invited her for a meal which further gained her trust. However, for the third meeting, Anurag invited my client to check out his movie collection at his home where she discovered him drunk and alone and further forced himself on my client by pulling his pants off and penetrating her further. The written complaint clearly states that it’s an offense of rape, wrongful restrain, and confinement.

Why was there a delay in filing the FIR?

We have filed the case today at the Versova police station as we couldn’t file it yesterday due to technical reasons. Currently, the statement of my client (Payal Ghosh)is currently being recorded by the officials.

What are the legal sections that will be imposed in the FIR?

The written complaint that has been lodged is for the offense of rape, wrongful restrain, wrongful confinement, and outraging the modesty of women under sections 376, 354, 341, and 341.

What action will be taken after the FIR is filed?

We have filed an FIR and now legal proceedings will begin according to the law.

Why did Payal wait for so long to speak about this incident?

Payal wanted to speak about the matter but she was keeping it from her parents. People around her also advised to not take any step as it would have affected her career leading to people boycotting her from the industry.

Is anyone from Bollywood supporting Payal? What about her family support?

She didn’t tell her parents about the incident before coming out. However, she has the full support of her family right now. Infact, the family has come down to Mumbai to support her and she is being escorted by her brother. Can’t comment about support from Bollywood.


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