Bollywood theatres have not been permitted to open even in Unlock 4 and owners are facing massive losses. Moviegoer have been actively trending hashtags like #SupporMovieTheatres #ilovetheatre, #SaveCinema and #SaveIndianCinema, expressing support for theatres to open across the country. Bollywood celebrities are also missing the silver screen euphoria and in an exclusive interaction with ETimes, Radhika Madan opened up her big screen experience.

How much do you miss watching movies in a theatre?
I’m missing it a lot because it’s an experience. You’re having popcorn, the screen is huge, you’re watching a film with so many people, there’s an interval and then you talk about the film with others… I miss that experience. We now watch films at our convenience in our homes. We take a break when we get a call. That’s a break which the makers don’t want us to take; it’s something that we take for ourselves and in the process, the whole movie-watching experience gets diluted. I really miss going to the theatres.

What was the first time when you saw your own movie in a theatre?
The first time when I saw myself on the screen was at ‘Pataakha’s trailer launch. They played a song after that. Maybe it was the song launch… I was sitting on the front row. I saw myself on the screen and my eyes started to well up. My whole journey crossed my head, right from the time I started going for auditions. When I used to go to watch movies, I used to imagine myself coming on the screen and my name popping up on it. And the first time I saw myself up there, it was so overwhelming. I cried a lot. It was, of course, tears of happiness. I realised that ‘this is it’. It felt so surreal. I’ll never forget that moment because it’s one of the best moments of my life.

Are you looking forward to stepping into a theatre?
Right now, I’m a little sceptical. The Covid-19 numbers are increasing by the day. Even if the theatres open up, I don’t think it’s going to be safe going there. I want the coronavirus to go away as soon as possible so that I can go back to experiencing the same high. I hope that happens soon.


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