Rajiv Kapoor’s last rites are over. The actor passed away today after a massive cardiac arrest. His elder brother Randhir rushed him to a hospital near their Chembur residence but he could not be revived.

Why is life so cruel? Rajiv Kapoor was so bubbly and excited this week. Just 5 days later, on Sunday, February 14 to be precise, he was supposed to be giving interviews to the media about his Bollywood comeback after 3 decades (he was last seen in ‘Zimmedaaar’ in 1990) in Ashutosh Gowariker‘s ‘Toolsidas Junior’, which also stars Sanjay Dutt.

And well, Rajiv Kapoor had even called up his long-time school friend Rajiv Khanna, just last night. “Frankly speaking, Rajiv Kapoor was always someone who felt happy when others were happy- a quality that is so missing in most people,” says a source.

The story goes that producer-actor Viveck Vaswani and Rajiv Kapoor studied in the same school- Campion; Viveck being a year senior to Raj Kapoor‘s youngest son. A source says, “These guys had a WhatsApp group on which they were frequently in touch. The WhatsApp group was pretty active and yesterday a certain Rajiv Khanna in that group happened to post something nice about his daughter’s new work. Reading it, Rajiv Kapoor felt so happy that he called up Rajiv Khanna last night and spoke to him about the same and extended his congratulations wishing the Khannas the very best.”

This afternoon after the news of Rajiv Kapoor’s demise broke out, Rajiv Khanna put a text message in that WhatsApp Group stating that he had spoken to Rajiv Kapoor just last night.

When contacted, Viveck Vaswani said, “Rajiv Kapoor was a very warm guy. I have lost a dear friend. I last met him at a birthday gathering about 4 months ago. I loved shooting at RK Studios; I have shot all my films- ‘Dil Vil Pyar Vyar’, ‘Raju Ban Gaya Gentleman’, ‘Patthar Ke Phool’, ‘Everybody Says I’m Fine’- at RK Studios. It was a sort of tradition with me wherein I would invariably have my lunch with Randhir. Today- no RK Studios, no Rajiv Kapoor, no Rishi Kapoor. It feels just terrible.”

ETimes stands by the Kapoor family in its hour of crisis. RIP, Rajiv.


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