Technology has become an inarguable part of our lives. Right from the time we wake up to the time we call it a day, most of us are constantly tapping away on the cell phone. While it is seemingly impossible to imagine even a day without it, actor Saswata Chatterjee aka Bob Biswas, who will next be seen in Anurag Kashyap‘s upcoming film ‘Dobaaraa’ tells ETimes how he does it. Read on:

How do you survive without a phone?

If I’m out for a shoot, I provide someone else’s number to my family for any emergency. Otherwise, I have a landline at home.

But why don’t you just get a phone?

The main purpose of a phone is to connect people during an emergency. However, that has changed with time. I don’t actually need a phone because wherever I go, it’s always pre-planned. I have never faced problems for not using a mobile phone maybe because I am still not used to checking WhatsApp messages (laughs). If I am travelling to remote places, I carry an ordinary phone because sometimes there’s no option.

How did you cope with this during the lockdown when everyone was relying on social media to connect to the outside world?

What I did is I bought a smartphone and got myself a WhatsApp and an Instagram account. However, I rarely check these social media platforms, as I still don’t have that habit of scrolling through the feed. Also, I have noticed that these habits, in the long run, can become a real distraction. Constant chatting and checking the phone tend to affect your attention at work as well.

It’s such a distraction and makes me feel really bad. Even when people are watching a movie in a multiplex, they insult the film by constantly checking their phones and flashing lights. At times, even when the audience is being told to not flash their cameras, they do, and you can’t do anything because it’s a habit for them and they can’t stop. I don’t want that for myself.


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By vinayak