French DJ David Guetta is back with Sia to give fans and music lovers a new song of hope – ‘Let’s Love‘.

The new single, which was produced and recorded during the COVID-induced lockdown, marked the hit duo’s ninth song collaboration. Looking back at the friendship he forged with Sia over the years, Guetta, in an exclusive interview with ETimes, got candid about making music that defines a generation, hopping on-board the K-Pop wagon, reinventing himself and the changing face of the music industry in the times of a global pandemic.

From ‘Titanium’ that defined an era in music with raucous teens screeching the lyrics “I’m bulletproof, nothing to lose; fire away, fire away” to getting them to mellow down and change the discourse with ‘Let’s Love’, Guetta said, “It’s funny you ask because I have been thinking about this a lot.”

Explaining how the language of his music changed over the years, he said, “In 2009, I produced ‘I Gotta Feeling’ with The Black Eyed Peas – the year after the Global Financial Crisis. The record became a global #1 hit and I think it was definitely because people wanted to listen to feel-good music. This year I’ve felt inspired by this again. I want to produce music that makes people feel good.”

Sharing the inspiration behind ‘Let’s Love’, David said, “I really wanted to make a happy track because the world was going through some pretty dark times.”

His latest track, featuring Sia is an ode to the ’80s synthwave culture. Revealing the reason behind incorporating the funky tunes, he said, “When I think of happy music I immediately think of the ’80s because the sound back then was very cheerful, very upbeat; which is why we chose to take inspiration from that. Working with Sia on this felt very natural, she’s one of the most talented artists I know and when it comes to making such a power anthem no one can compare to her.”

Interestingly enough, the DJ says that all it took was a text with some piano chords and his idea of the track for the songstress to work her magic and send the lyrics back “within 24 hours!”

Diversifying his profile and range as an artist, the DJ recently produced BLACKPINK’s hit track ‘Lovesick Girls‘. Speaking on the possibility of a future collaboration with the leading K-Pop bands, he said, “I would definitely be open to it. The most important thing for me is that I like the song we made and that I am proud of it. If they reach out to me and I like the sound then why not!”

With the pandemic bringing industries around the world to a grinding halt, several artists have shared their concerns over the change in the global music scene. Sharing his take on the current grim situation, Guetta said, “The pandemic has definitely had a huge impact on the global music scene and my thoughts really go out to all the people that work within the industry. I’m very lucky because I don’t have to think about what I’m going to eat the next day but it’s been very tough on a lot of people in the industry.”

Looking at the brighter side of this lockdown, he explains, “For me, it has actually been a very productive period and I’ve also really enjoyed the downtime. I’m used to constantly touring and travelling all over the world so it felt really good to be able to wake up in the same bed every morning. I’ve also been able to spend a lot of time with my kids. This summer is actually the first summer I got to spend with them. We went on holiday in France and I’m really grateful for the time I got to spend with them.”

Using his time to the fullest, Guetta has also been working on some new tunes and constantly trying to reinvent himself and his music. We asked him to share a little about his impressive ‘WAP’ Bootleg, and he happily obliged. “I had a lot of fun creating that Bootleg. I’ve actually been very productive during the lockdown, it’s been a great period for me to focus on my creativity so I’ve made a lot of music,” he said.

“My friend MORTEN and I started this new sound called ‘Futur Rave’ and we were hesitant to release it at first because it is a sound that was made for festivals – which we, unfortunately, cannot do right now – but, we released it anyway because we felt the fans deserved it. We’ve had an amazing response to it so there’s definitely more stuff coming,” he added.

YouTube demos and tutorials will have to do for a while before we see the star behind the consoles giving EDM lovers some new tunes to jam to. Still, Guetta promises, “I really hope I can be back soon to play for all my Indian fans. I want to thank them all fans for the support. They always make my visits very special and I cannot wait to party with them again.”

In the spirit of his latest track, he signs off saying, “Love you guys!”


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