Bollywood is locked up at home, but that doesn’t stop them from living it up. Vardhan Puri, who marked his debut with ‘Yeh Saali Aashiqui’, ringed in his birthday with close to 40 people but maintaining all the rules of lockdown. Connecting through a video call and dancing away to Govinda songs – Vardhan Puri spills the beans on his birthday celebrations amidst lockdown.

How did you ring in your birthday?

It was amazing, my family and my friends were on a zoom call, we were around 35-40 people. My parents were by my side my sister and assistants who have been staying with me. So it was great, I cut a few cakes and after the call we went to the temple at home and did a prayer, like we always do on any important day. After that we switched on some nice Govinda songs and danced away. It was coz, very different and unique because generally everyone comes over. But this was special in a different way so I have no complaints. I told my family what my resolution is for my birthday.

So, what is your resolution for this year?

Every time I make a resolution, it’s usually about being the best human being I can be and being the best version of myself. But now I’ve come to realize that the world needs someone with a very small ecological footprint, someone who is just spreading, who’s not taking up too much of resource from the world, someone who is easy to live in the world and someone who gives importance to health more than ever. I have realized after Covid- 19 even something as microscopic as a virus can, get us locked in our homes and can lock down the entire world. So health is priority. I want to make sure I’m always there for the world, and become the best version of myself and keep working on my craft.

Has lockdown hindered your professional commitments?
Yeah there were a few scripts and we were about to announce in April but then this happened. So I am in touch with the producers making the films but with this situation, it will get pushed. But I think at this point it will be selfish of us to think about all this. I’m honestly just thinking about how the world can heal and recover and come back to normal. And as soon as everyone is healthy and safe we’ll talk about films. Whenever I’m talking to producers, directors, all I’m asking about is if they’re okay, their family’s okay.

The first thing you plan to do once lockdown ends?
The first thing I want to do is meet my family, my cousins, my aunts and uncles; I am very close to everyone. All the people in my family have been locked in their home, they all are used to going out for walks, working out and socializing. So my heart goes out to the elderly people and children. At the moment, I just hope I can meet all of them soon. We’ve already decided that the day the lockdown is over, we’re going to have a nice get together at home where the whole family is going to come, all my closest friends, we’ll celebrate. Also I am craving Japanese. So I plan to go to this restaurant near my house which serves the best Japanese food with my close friends. And of course, most importantly I’ll meet all the people who I’m in talks with and understand when things are going to start.


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