It has been 18 years since Vivek Oberoi charmed women on the silver screen with his captivating act in ‘Saathiya’. Nearly two decades later he decided to re-create his introduction scene from the film and treated fans to a montage of then-and-now bike ride sequences. In a free-wheeling chat with ETimes, Vivek Oberoi reminisced about his best memory of ‘Saathiya’, the lessons he took home and his journey in B-town. Excerpts:

When did you shoot for this new video of Saathiya?
A fan messaged me recently, reminding me that very soon it will be 18 years to Saathiya! That sent me down memory lane and I decided to shoot a recreation of the video as a tribute to all those amazing fans who have made me feel so special for the past 18 years! They are my real

Your best memory of ‘Saathiya’
After the release of the film, I was invited to Pune for a promotional activity at a theatre. I was so amazed that there were thousands of girls screaming my name in a frenzy! I remember Rani saying the crowd was too much and being a girl she backed out saying it’s not safe. I felt that if neither of us goes and meets the fans they will be so disappointed, so I got out of the car we were in to make my way into the theatre. It was crazy! I suddenly felt my feet literally rise off the ground! I had only seen rockstars in concerts being carried like that, for the first time in my life, it was happening to me now! I will never forget that mix of fear that I may fall and the joy and energy of the love I was being blessed with!

Your swept girls off their feet as Aditya, how similar are you to him in real life?
Hahaha! Well I was a bit of a Casanova in college. Even though now I’m a happily married good boy, being flirtatious and romantic is in my nature. I’m a harmless flirt and a hopeless romantic!


If it were to be remade in present-day, whom would you cast as the leads?
There are so many lovely and talented young actors, but if I were to cast ‘Saathiya’ today, I would cast Kartik and Alia, a fresh pair like Rani and me were an interesting change for both actors in terms of performance.

One lesson from the film/shoot of Saathiya that has stayed with you till date?
During the making of ‘Saathiya’ I learned that the irony of Bollywood is that when you are in snow, you will be slipping and sliding down icy cold slopes in nothing but a shirt, freezing inside and smiling for the cameras! And when you’re in s blistering desert like heat you’ll be given a leather jacket or knit with layers to wear! No logic, pure madness, pure torture, pure Bollywood!

Describe your 18 years long journey in one sentence
A roller coaster ride !


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