On December 8, 2020, ETimes broke the news that Padmini Kolhapure and Tutu Sharma’s son Priyank is all set to tie the knot with producer Karim Morani‘s younger daughter Shaza. Shaza’s father, Karim Morani, had then confirmed and said, “Yes, Shaza and Priyank will be filing a marriage application at the Marriage Registrar’s office tomorrow. The wedding will happen in February mostly.” Now, ETimes has it that the wedding will happen on Thursday, February 4. It will be a court marriage.

A source close to the two families says, “Yes, Shaza and Priyank will become man and wife on February 4. There might be a party in the evening.” The party is not yet fixed, though. One can understand the predicament that every family finds itself in today’s times when it comes to inviting people.

Adds the source, “With just 8/9 days to go now, there is a mad scramble to put everything in place. Shaza and Priyank’s parents do not want to leave any stone unturned. However, quite a bit of things have been bought as they had decided in December that they will marry in February.”

Shaza is said to be very close to Padmini. On the other hand, Moranis are also very fond of Priyank. Karim Morani had told us, “Priyank is a very loving and caring guy. I am sure he fits the bill. Also, he comes from a very nice family. Padmini and Tutu are just great.”

Priyank and Shaza have been a couple since 10 years. The two haven’t yet finalised on their honeymoon destination and with COVID still all over us, the Sharmas and Moranis are thinking that they should fly out only after a few months roll by.


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