Ranbir Kapoor has always shared a complex relationship with his father Rishi Kapoor. While he always called him a strict father, he had also confessed that he had come quite close to him during his cancer treatment in New York.
We got our hands on an old video from an award show last year where Ranbir is seen giving an emotional award acceptance speech about his father Rishi’s love for acting and films. His ladylove Alia Bhatt too was seen getting all teary-eyed by his words.

In his speech, he said, ‘My father is going through a little bit of a rough patch in his life. I’ve often heard when you come into some kind of crossroads in life you can really tell who you are as a person and what you are. Very often, when I meet him or whenever I talk to him he only talks about movies.’

Ranbir also added that his father gets insecure about getting roles in films after he got back. ‘He speaks to me about his insecurity, that when he gets back, will he get to work in the movies, will people offer him films, will he be able to act in movies and that kind of inspiration and that kind of passion and that kind of madness is what brings all of this to perspective,” Ranbir added.

Rishi Kapoor had been battling with leukemia for almost two years before he passed away on Thursday.


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By vinayak