Free Housie Game

Let play free housie game on holiday just for fun

Kasa Kai!

We play the normal game of housie where numbers will be called out in the WhatsApp group created. When you join the group just put your name and how many tickets you need. 1 ticket for 1 person

You can join this group any time when you need to play you can leave the group when you don’t want to play the game.


(by evening 9 pm of the day of the game).

How is a ticket?

1. Each ticket will have 15 numbers, 5 numbers on each row

2. The range of numbers in each row are:

1st row – 01 to 30

2nd row – 31 to 60

3rd row – 61 to 90


Ticket example



Your ticket will be communicated in the WhatsApp group, Use a paper for your ticket so you can keep track. all ticket has a ticket number on it as shown above. when you win just need to say stop your ticket number and what you have won the prize.


  1. Jaldi 5
  2. Topline
  3. Middle line
  4. Bottom line
  5. Full house



* Any person claims the prize of any line like (Topline, Middle line , Bottom line ) that ticket will cancel he will be not going to play full house. mean that ticket will cancel automatically 1 price for 1 ticket. only for line

To claim a prize, just say Kasa Kai. Bogey and late calls will not be given any prizes. No disqualification though.

The game will start on time will not wait for anyone. Have fun!

The admin call will be final. No arguments will be tolerated.


Terms & Conditions

  • Please ensure a good internet connection so as to not hamper with your experience.
  • Leave all other work and be there for the whole session for a wholesome experience
  • The virtual sessions will take place on a WhatsApp group to which you will be added to.
  • No use of cuss words, please.
  • No sexist, ethnocentric, Xenophobic comments will be allowed.
  • Please be ready at least 10-15 mins prior to the time mentioned so that you don’t miss the beginning! I hope you have a fun-filled time!
  • If any queries call/WhatsApp on 9619833260