On Mother’s Day today, we bet your social media feed is full of saccharine sweet posts dedicated to mothers and motherhood. While we can see a Nirupa Roy getting all teary-eyed over this outpour of love, wonder what would a squinting Lalita Pawar make of this sudden realisation of the importance of a mother. It certainly also won’t go down well with Aruna Irani if her ‘Beta’ did this, but she might be more forgiving it was ‘Raja Babu’ doing the same, no? We can certainly see Reema Lagoo melting at the sight of such PDA, but a Kirron Kher would probably scoff at it and ask for a better gesture in return.

To sum it up, while their onscreen children go on to bask under the spotlight as lead actors, Bollywood’s mothers don several garbs to steer the plot in the right direction and take the story to its conclusion. Just like in Indian mythology that celebrates Goddesses for their unique powers and invokes the deity most needed in a given situation, Bollywood wields out these mothers according to the purpose of the film. As opposed to general perception, the Hindi film industry has lent several shades to its mothers over the years, and while the all-enduring sacrificial figure is one of them, it is not the only one. Here’s taking a look at the many faces of the cinema maa we have known over the years:


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By vinayak