Soundarya Sharma who started in Anupam Kher‘s ‘Ranchi Diaries’ in 2017 may have had a slow start but she now seems to be picking pace with the MX Player show ‘Raktanchal 2’ which is fast nearing completion. We interviewed her a few days ago when she was shooting for ‘Raktanchal 2’ in Benaras. Soundarya looked radiant and confident and soon came to the moot point that it is now time that she’s taken seriously as an actress. There’s no denying that Ms Sharma has got trapped in a sort of glamorous image which she hasn’t been able to shed yet but ‘Raktanchal 2’ which sees her as a politician in the centre may do the trick. “Yes, I want to be taken seriously as an actress” she says, “But I have a good body. So tell me, why shouldn’t I put out pictures of mine which are glamorous?”

What bothers you, you take steps to sort it out. Soundarya dashed off to the US to do an acting course which she reveals has done her a world of good. “I realised that I could act. Look, you are either an actor in this industry or a non-actor. You can’t be in the middle. So yeah, I decided to polish my skills. I am back and here I am,” she smiles.

This girl is frank and she makes no bones about it. She reveals how she lost a plum role in the recent past to another actress who had the right connections. “I was finalised to star opposite a big star but suddenly I was told that someone from a filmy background was doing my role. Here, preference is given to people who come with reference. It’s definitely tough if you’re an outsider.”

Remedy? “Thank God for OTT which has changed the scene. If you are passionate about acting and consider acting as an art, you will love doing different characters in web shows.”

Soundarya adds that she has signed up for a very meaty role in another web show, whose official announcement is soon in the offing. “Work is work and I don’t mind any role provided it has substance. But you know what! The new web show I’m telling you about will see me as a bold diva who’s very high on life. Howzzat!” It’s just that filmmakers have not struck off this fashion-struck girl from their list in spite of the fact that she dons quite a non-flamboyant look in ‘Raktanchal 2’. Atta girl!


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By vinayak