The bold and frank Amika Shail is our guest this week on #HowIMadeIt- the Wednesday weekly interview- which we could not bring you last week owing to certain situations arising in the ongoing dreadful times. We posed the first question to Amika rather directly: Where does the singing talent of our music ‘reality’ shows disappear after the programme is over?

Pat came the reply: “I know the reality of such shows. I have participated in Indian Idol, Voice India etc. But the fact is that singers who come out end up getting mostly only shows. These shows are very fake and scripted. They are not real as they portray. It’s all drama done to get views.

They play on the sympathy wave by showing some duress with the participant’s life and try to garner votes on that; they check on his family issues, financial woes and highlight that. The one who starts getting higher votes is promoted and frankly, the judges do not bother about these contestants once the season of a particular show is over; they only pass good comments while they are shooting and I don’t think they even remember anything that they’re doing. The contestants of such shows have no future. The contestant of only those states are prioritised which is getting them votes (read eyeballs).”

Adding to her concern, Amika said, “The participants are not taken seriously by the filmmakers when they go out.”

Amika shifted from singing to acting. “It just happened that I started feeling that I need to grow, Which is why, I started to act. I love doing web shows; they are very practical and you showcase your talent.”

After tasting visibility on webs and seemingly having settled own, Amika who had a very important role in ‘Laxmii’ with Akshay Kumar, has decided that she wants to quit TV. “I don’t like TV as an actor,” says the actress who made her small screen debut with ‘Udaan’ in 2014 and followed it up with ‘Naagin’, ‘Divya Darshan’ and ‘Baalveer Returns’. Amika is currently very comfortable in the OTT space having done ‘Mirzapur’ and ‘Gandii Baat’.”

Cuss words and explicit scenes, which have become common parlance in the web space? “I think you have to do such scenes if you are in the web world. As long as they’re done aesthetically,” she says rather pragmatically.


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By vinayak