Bollywood actor Harshvardhan Rane has decided to ditch China-made goods. He relates with the condition of Indian soldiers at the Indo-China border.

“I relate to the condition of our soldiers at the Indo-China border currently, because I was part of a film, ‘Paltan’, two years ago, which was about the same issue that our country is facing currently. I’m glad that JP Dutta had such farsightedness, as he made a film around something that the country is facing today,” Harshvardhan said.

The actor had played an Indian soldier in the JP Dutta film, which was based on the 1967 Nathu La and Cho La clashes along the Sikkim border between the Indian and Chinese armies, in the aftermath of the 1962 Sino-Indian War.

“Hence, I understand their pain and strictly condemn China’s actions. When we were shooting for the film, we spent days chatting with the army officers at the border and listening to their heart-touching stories. I have practically lived that life, hence I relate to their pain,” he added.

The actor was recently looking out for a ring for his racing wheel, which is mostly made in China

“When I was looking to purchase one, I realised that all the available options were made in China. Hence, I decided to make one myself. I went to a hardware store and purchased a few aluminium bars and screws and customised the rig at home. It took me about half a day to make it.

After it was ready, I painted it matte black for a good finish. I was really happy with the outcome and realised that it is possible to do away with our dependency on Chinese products.”

He feels that it is possible to become self reliant and help our economy grow, if we show a little sensitivity.

“As a responsible Indian and a sensible human being, ditching Chinese products is the least I can do. I want to tell my fans that they should look for Indian alternatives of Chinese products, and if possible, they should either make it themselves or get things made.

Harshvardhan added: “This is the time to show solidarity as Indian citizens, and by that, I don’t mean we should throw away the Chinese products that we have at home. But the transition to Indian products should be made, slowly, but surely.”


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By vinayak