Bollywood actor Javed Hyder recently hit headlines when a video of him selling vegetables went viral on the internet. While speculations were rife that the actor was selling vegetables due to a financial crisis, Javed Hyder revealed that he was simply making videos for TikTok. He told Mirror Online, “No, I am not a vegetable vendor. I am an actor by profession even now. The entire selling vegetables video was just an act and I had made that TikTok only to motivate my followers that one should not give up when times are tough and that no work is small or big. I had no idea that it would go out with this message. Dolly Bindra ji had shared the video on her social media handle stating that I’m selling vegetables now and I had even commented that it was only an act and nothing more, but I think people didn’t notice it and the video went viral overnight.”

Javed Hyder went on to add even if he had to resort to selling vegetables, he would have no qualms about it. “By God’s grace, I have enough to lead a normal life even if work doesn’t resume for the next couple of months. And even if I have to sell vegetables for a living in future, I have no qualms in doing it as that is also a normal job just like acting or anything else,” he added.

From ‘Dabangg 3’ to ‘Chandni Bar’ and ‘Dil Toh Baccha Hai Ji’ to ‘Welcome Back’ – Javed Hyder has worked in over 300 films in his 23-year-long career in Bollywood.


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By vinayak