Kabir Bedi, who was in a relationship with Parveen Babi, wrote about their love affair and her tragic death in his book. According to him, she was suffering from mental health issues and did not accept his help.

Talking about her tragic demise, he revealed that her body was found in her apartment four days after she died. He described it as, ‘A lonely and tragic end of a star who had once been the fantasy of millions’. The actor also revealed that three men who had known and loved her — Mahesh, Danny and he, came for her funeral at the Muslim cemetery in the city. They carried her body with relatives to a dimly lit grave. According to him, each of them had known her in ways not many knew. Each of them had loved her as only each one knew.

Kabir Bedi, who was in an open relationship with his wife Protima Gupta, parted ways with her after he fell in love with Parveen Babi.

Parveen died in 2005 after suffering a multiple organ failure. She had films like, ‘Amar Akbar Anthony’, ‘Shaan’ , ‘Deewar’, and many others to her credit.


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