They say motherhood is nothing less than a bliss for a woman. However, what they don’t say are the struggles that come along with it. There’s no denying that raising a kid makes a woman feel complete in a very beautiful way, but there are little struggles that come along the tiny troublemakers. For example, giving mom a tough time with a series of dirty nappies, and this is exactly what Kalki Koechlin is going through.

Sharing a post of her few months old toddler Sappho’s smudged nappies, Kalki wrote – “Three in a row, in the space of five minutes😝 #shitgetsreal #parenting #clothnappies”.

This cracked up a number of social media users. One user wrote – “This is just the beginning😜. Enjoy your motherhood. 😍”, while another posted – “I can totally relate. It’s good that it’s not your hand or your clothes. I have faced far worse! 😂 But, this too shall pass!!! 😁. And since people could relate to, one of the users wrote – “Lol welcome to the bandwagon❤️”
Earlier, Kalki posted a video of her strumming the ukulele and singing a Portuguese lullaby to Sappho, who was enjoying her laid back time in the cradle. That video too gave mommy goals and made the internet fall in love with Kalki.


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By vinayak