Kangana Ranaut has opened up about the troubles she faced in Bollywood, after Payal Ghosh levelled sexual harassment allegations against filmmaker Anurag Kashyap. Narrating a couple of incidents, Kangana posted on Twitter, “What #PayalGhosh says many big heroes have done this to me also, suddenly flash their genitals after locking van or room door or in a party during a friendly dance on the dance floor stick his tongue in your mouth, take appointment for work and come home but force himself on you.”

The actress went on to state that she doesn’t need a movement like #MeToo to settle her scores but other girls do. “Bullywood is full of sexual predators who have fake and dummy marriages they expect a new hot young girl to make them happy everyday, they do the same to young vulnerable men also, I have settled my scores my way I don’t need #MeToo but most girls do #PayalGhosh #AnuragKashyap,” Kangana had tweeted.

In a previous post too, Kangana had hit out at Anurag Kashyap and stated, “I far as I know Anurag self admittedly has never been monogamous even when he was married to various people, what Anurag did to Payal is a common practice in Bullywood, treating struggling outsider girls like sex workers comes naturally to them #AnuragKashyap #PayalGhosh.”


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By vinayak