The latest revelation from Kamalrukh, the wife of late music composer Wajid Khan, had raised a few eyebrows as she posted a long note on her inter-caste marriage with the singer. She shared how her in-laws were continuously pressurizing her to convert to Islamism and it eventually led to her separation from Wajid. Kamalrukh who’s from the minority community of Parsis broke her silence in the wake of the discussion surrounding the intense situation over the Anti-Conversion Bill.

And now, Kangana Ranaut, in a series of tweets, has extended her support to Kamalrukh tagging the PM of India and condemned the conversion of religion in inter-caste marriages.

Kangana tweeted: “Parsis are the genuine minority in this nation, they did not come as invaders they came as seekers and gently requested for mother India’s love. Their small population have hugely contributed to the beauty- growth and economy of this nation. She is my friends widow a Parsi woman who is being harassed by her family for conversion. I want to ask @PMOIndia minority that don’t do sympathy seeking drama, beheadings, riots and conversions, how are we protecting them? Parsis shockingly decreasing numbers.”

The actress further wrote: “Reveals India’s own character as a mother, child who does most drama unfairly gets most attention and advantages. And the one who is worthy, sensitive most caring and deserving ends up being a nanny to the one who keeps throwing fits…. we need to introspect #anticonversionbill.”


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By vinayak