Spread the word, Karan Johar is ready for another shot at an acting stint, so bring on those “father roles”.

The director, who has had a rather unsuccessful stint in front of the camera, was at his humourous best when he sent a shout out to all “enterprising casting directors, to all risk-taking filmmakers” willing to cast him in their film. In a pout-perfect selfie, the star showed off his new greyed hairdo and chiselled jawline.

He spun up a hilarious caption that read, “I know my acting stint was scarier than the current virus but there is no harm in hoping for a second chance! So to all enterprising casting directors, to all risk-taking filmmakers, to critics with a high threshold of pain and too easy to please audiences, I have an announcement to make!!!! I AM AVAILABLE FOR FATHER ROLES!”

“At 48 with a poor track record I promise I can’t afford to be choosy,” he went on to add.

With a little help from his kids, Karan has been lightening up the mood on social media with his fun posts that often end with his kiddos Yash and Roohi trolling him. ‘Lockdown with the Johar’s’ as he calls it, has not only had fans laughing out loud, but also his friends from the film industry, who always leave behind the cutest comments.


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By vinayak