His co-actors call him ‘Mr Optimist’ and Kiran Kumar has proven them right, yet again. He may have tested positive for COVID-19, but he did not let fear engulf him, and with proper measures, has managed to come out of it. “Mr Corona is out of my body, my house and my mind,” he told BT in a chat yesterday. Excerpts from that conversation…

What was your reaction when you heard that you had tested positive for COVID-19?
I had gone for a regular check-up and was asked to undergo a COVID-19 test as well. When they told me that I had tested positive, I was surprised because I had no symptoms at all. But then, I thought to myself that this is part of life. I am someone who’s always prepared for any eventuality; nothing excites me a great deal and nothing saddens me too much… I take everything as part of the moment.

But did you wonder and keep speculating how you may have contracted the virus?
I did not speculate because there is no point and I don’t believe in blaming anyone. I don’t let somebody else take credit for my success and I don’t blame anyone for my failure either. I didn’t even think about it. You have to stay positive.

Now that you’ve been through it, what would you advise people to do?
Coronavirus is here to stay. Ab ilaaj nahi hai toh iski dehshat bahut hai and hence, people are scared. Ghabrane ki zaroorat nahi hai. Be careful and make sure you don’t transmit Mr Corona to somebody else. I was in self-isolation for 14 days and even now, after testing negative, I am very careful. Just because of a few symptoms, you don’t need to rush to a hospital because we are running short of beds, ventilators and healthcare workers. So, don’t deprive somebody who may be in need of it. Today, we have to think in tandem about what is best for our country and be more compassionate.

But, there have been many instances where coronavirus-infected have been alienated and treated badly by the people in their neighbourhood…
Social distancing is necessary to beat coronavirus, not social boycotting. It’s not a crime if someone tests positive for COVID-19. Haan corona ko chhupana jurm hai and it’s also wrong to behave badly with those who are going out of their way and working to provide essential services. If a neighbour is infected and in self-isolation, you should stand by them. Imagine the plight of senior citizens who live alone, just in case they have to self-isolate, how will they manage? If you have made good food at home, pack it and keep it outside their door. At some point in the future, things will get better, and the person who you stand by today will always have gratitude and love for you. We have to fight coronavirus with positivity and compassion.

Kiran Kumar: Mr Corona is out of my body, out of my house and out of my mind


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