Bollywood actor Sushant Singh Rajput committed suicide on June 14th in his Mumbai apartment but his suicide case seems to be getting twisted with each day. With the late actor’s father filing an FIR against Rhea Chakraborty in Patna, the Bihar Police have also arrived in Mumbai and started with their investigating.

With several people interrogated by the Mumbai Police within a month, Mumbai Police Commissioner Param Bir Singh addressed the media and opened up about the ongoing case. He told, “When we got news about Sushant’s death, our officials rushed there and after finding the body, we took the body to the hospital. We even recorded the statement of the people present over there and by that time one of his sisters had also arrived at the location.”

Furthermore, he added, “After recording the statements of the people present over there we did our investigation and sealed the flat. On June 15th, we handed over the flat after collecting all the pieces of evidence post the forensic and medical teams examination.”

“We have recorded the statement of nearly 56 people, consulted experts, checked all the financial records and we are currently examining Sushant’s gadgets like laptop and phones. We are doing a very detailed and professional investigation which is being carried out by Bandra police. The investigation is still under process and we have looked into all angles (financial, health) possible and interrogated many people till date and it’s still under process.” Mumbai Police Commissioner Singh told.

Singh even addressed the question about Sushant’s family filing an FIR with the Bihar Police in Patna. “During the investigation, the statements of Sushant’s father, three sisters and his brother in law was recorded and no one raised any kind of suspicion back then. The statements recorded back then clearly states that they don’t have any kind of suspicion on anyone. Sushant’s sisters and brother in law even met our Joint and Deputy Commissioners as well later but never raised any query about doubting any one.”

While reports of a party being held at Sushant’s house the night before he committed suicide have also been making rounds on the internet. Addressing this issue, the Mumbai Police Commissioner said, “We have examined the CCTV footage of the building from 13 to 14th June and we are aware of the people, who were present in the flat and we have not found any evidence related to a party.”

Talking about further developments in the case, Commissioner Singh added “Sushant was undergoing treatment and taking medicines for it. What circumstances led to his death is the subject of our investigation.” The Police Commissioner also stated that the Bihar Police FIR says Rs 15 crore were siphoned off from Sushant’s account. “During the probe, we found he had Rs 18 cr in his account of which around Rs 4.5 cr are still there,” Singh said. Meanwhile, no trace of a direct transfer to Rhea’s account has been found till now and the probe is still on, he added.

With the IPS officer from Bihar being quarantined in Mumbai, Singh also addressed the matter and told, “The Mumbai Police is not involved in the quarantine procedure as it belongs to the BMC and the process will go as per their rules and regulations.”


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