Park Bo Young and Seo In Guk may share a love-hate relationship in their series ‘Doom At Your Service‘, however, off-screen, things are different. The makers of the new series dropped a behind-the-scenes clip of the lead stars and their goofy antics when the cameras stop rolling.

From teasing each other to playing games and trying to “find honesty in the other’s eyes,” these two have been doing it all while rehearsing for their scenes. While on-screen the two maintain a rather straight face, off-screen, Seo proved it is hard to keep a straight face, especially while shooting intense scenes with Park.

The clip shows the actor laughing out loud while practising to catch his co-star as she falls. The director steps in to warn him, “Don’t laugh. You can’t laugh. This is a cool scene, so you can’t laugh.”

Fans tuning in to watch the video had a lot to say about the stars and their off-screen chemistry. One fan even went on to say, “They look like a married couple.”

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By vinayak