Pooja Chopra, who was raised by a single mother, considers her mom to be a superhero. On Mother’s Day today, the actress shares how her mother moved mountains to raise her and her sister all by herself, and also how her mother is a complete diva. Excerpts…

Do you usually celebrate Mother’s Day?
We celebrate Mother’s Day every single year. Right from the time I was in school, I would make greeting cards from A-4 size papers and write, ‘Bestest mother in the world’ and draw some goofy little things for her. When I was in college, I would bring flowers for her. Now, my sister and I cook a meal or take her out for dinner; we let her chill the whole day. We also go watch a movie, or take her to a spa or go on a ride. My mother is not a materialistic person; but if she needs something, we get it for her.

What are the three things that you have learned from your mother?
I have literally learned everything from my mother (smiles). She has always been my driving force and a hero in every possible way. I would give her the credit for everything–my values and principles. I still remember how during the Miss India competition, I could see her from my ramp. There is a fire that she ignites in me; I want her to be proud of me.

I have never let failure affect my heart or success go to my head, as that’s what she has taught me. The second thing I have learned from her is to be deeply rooted in your principles and the people who have helped you grow. Actually, I have learned a lot from her; every day, I get to learn something new from her. For me, she is a gorgeous woman, who has moved mountains to bring us up all on her own. She is my superwoman!

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What is that one thing about her that inspires you the most?
Her sheer existence inspires me. Whenever I am in a soup, it is only my mom that I can think of. She knows exactly how to calm my nerves down, fan the flames of the fire inside me, and motivate me. She somehow says the right things at the right time. She is the greatest influence in my life.

Do you share your secrets with her?
I think my mother knows all my secrets. She always was and still is the first person I run to. She is the only one who would give me the advice that nobody possibly can; it helps me steer my ship in the direction it needs to go. She is my teacher, guide, confidante, and best friend.

One filmi character from Bollywood films that best suits your mother…
So many of them come to my mind when I think of the filmi characters that suit my mother. People at her work would call her ‘Mother India’. She is a complete drama queen who puts up the best shows when she has to and in the most convincing way. I think my mother should definitely be an actor! Now, this might come across as really funny, but the character of ‘Poo’ (Kareena Kapoor Khan) from ‘Kabhi Khushi Kabhie Gham…!’ really suits her. She is a diva in the way she talks. She always has her way but is also extremely charming. Stylewise, she is very simple and grounded but when she is in her element, she is ‘Poo’!


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