Raima Sen’s latest pictures on the internet have raised a few eyebrows but the actor looks very comfortable in them. “I was indeed very comfortable shooting those pictures. Come on, they were not that (emphasises) bold. Plus, I am not a shy person,” Raima tells ETimes.

Raima reveals that they shot the pictures in question on her building’s terrace. “The lockdown began on May 16, we shot them on the 15th.”

Raima who is currently in Kolkata says that no big deal should be made of these pictures. “I have dome bolder shoots than this.”

Whatever, it’s all the more ironical than that unlike her sister Riya Sen who dons an ultra-glamorous image, Raima has been always, or at least more often than not, seen in de-glam avatars on the big screen. “All said and done, I am very happy with the kind of work I get,” she signed off.


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By vinayak