On Thursday, choreographer-director Remo D’souza shared a video of a man calling the Remdesivir injection as Remo D’souza. The man talking to a journalist about the price of injections in which he mistakes the name of Remdesivir injection as Remo D’Souza went viral on the Internet. He had said, “Cipla company ka injection Remo D’Souza,” to be precise.

We called up Remo this evening to know what had transpired at his house and how he felt when he saw the video in question. Remo said that he came to know about it only when a friend sent it to him and asked him to see it immediately.

The ‘Race 3’ director said, “At first, I couldn’t believe what I heard. Then, I showed it to my wife Lizelle and she could not help laughing.” However, what takes the cake is Remo’s practical and honest take on this. He went on to say, “Let me tell you that I am not good at pronunciations. The name Remdesivir has been confusing me since many days; I just was not able to pronounce it. This man has given me a new name that I can call it by. In fact, I find it easier to call the antiviral medication instead by my name.”

Remo added that even if the man hadn’t goofed up on the Remdesivir name, the video still deserved to go viral. “I think he was speaking a lot of sense. Plus, he was speaking so well.”

The story at Remo’s home did not end with him and his wife. When Remo’s 17-year old (younger) son Adonis saw it, he did not realise that the man had taken his father’s name. “He said ‘Dad theek hi toh bola hai, what’s wrong?’ It was only when I pointed it out to him, he understood and smiled,” Remo told ETimes.

“So what I feel here is that if you are saying ‘Remdesivir’ in a hurry and with emotion, you might end up saying ‘Remo D’souza’. By the way, many people actually call me ‘Remi’,” Remo signed off.


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By vinayak