Did Rhea Chakraborty try and stop Sushant Singh Rajput from moving to Coorg? Did she siphon off his money? Here are her assertions from Thursday’s TV appearances — and the counterpoints presented by Sushant’s family and close friends.

Was Sushant claustrophobic on the flight to Europe?

Her claim: On the flight to Europe for their vacation, Sushant said he felt claustrophobic and popped a pill —Modafinil — which he was already carrying, said Rhea. He also apparently told her that he had visited a psychiatrist in 2013 (Dr Harish Shetty), who had first prescribed the drug.

Ankita Lokhande

What they said: Sushant’s ex-girlfriend, Ankita Lokhande shared a video of Sushant in which he can be seen happily experimenting with his new Boeing 737 Fixed Base Flight Simulator. She wrote, “Is this #claustrophobia? You always wanted to fly andou did it and we all are proud of you (sic).” She also said, “From beginning till the end, me and Sushant were together about 23rd February 2016. He never had any conditions of depression and have visited any psychiatrist (sic).”

Was Rhea living off Sushant?

Her claim: Rhea denied vehemently that she and her family lived off Sushant’s money, especially during their Europe trip. She claimed that she had a shoot in Paris with a clothing brand and they had arranged for her business class tickets and stay. But Sushant had those tickets cancelled and booked first-class tickets to turn the work trip also into a vacation. According to Rhea, Sushant lived life king-size and that’s the kind of person he was. She also said they lived together like a couple, but she didn’t live off him.

Sushant Sigh Rajput's father KK Singh

What they said: Sushant’s family has repeatedly claimed that Rhea and her family were living off Sushant and she used to control all aspects of his life, including his finances.

Was she okay with Sushant moving to Coorg and visiting Mumbai just for work?

Her claim: According to Rhea, Sushant was keen to shift base to Coorg as he wanted to be away from the chaos of the city. She supported the decision and they were even exploring the option. Rhea said Sushant reached out to his family for help, but they didn’t respond.

What they said: In the FIR filed with the Patna Police, Sushant’s father KK Singh claimed that his son wanted to settle in Coorg and do farming, but Rhea objected to it and threatened to disclose his medical reports to the media.

Did she isolate Sushant or were his relations with his family strained?

Her claim: Rhea said that Sushant had gone to Chandigarh to meet his sister’s family (on Jan 20), but returned in two days and that she had no clue he would come back so soon. She said it was because he didn’t want to spend time with them. If they felt she was isolating Sushant, they should have stopped him from returning to Mumbai, she countered.

Shweta Singh Kirti

What they said: Sushant’s sister Shweta Singh Kirti has posted a picture of a ticket booked by her on January 26 to Chandigarh. She wrote on social media: “As Rhea mentioned in her interview, We didn’t love our brother!! Yeah right, that’s why I flew all the way from USA to India in Jan as soon as I got to know Bhai is visiting Chandigarh and is not keeping well. I had to stall my business and leave my kids behind! The worst part was I didn’t even get to meet my brother coz by the time I reached, Bhai had already left because of the constant pestering calls of Rhea and some work commitments. Family was always there standing rock solid for him!! Dare anyone ever doubt it for a moment!! (sic)”

Was money transferred from Sushant’s account into Rhea’s?

Her claim: Rhea says no money had been transferred from any of Sushant’s accounts to her or her family. In fact, she stressed on the fact that she had paid her own and her brother’s share as initial capital in a company, where the two of them were directors along with Sushant.

What they said: In his FIR with Patna Police, Sushant’s father, KK Singh, has accused Rhea and her family of siphoning off `15 crore from Sushant’s account.

What was the drug angle?

Her claim: Rhea asserted that she had never given drugs to Sushant, but that he himself used to smoke marijuana, even during the time he was working on Kedarnath. She tried to stop him, but he was the kind of person who did what he felt like, she said.

What they said: Family and their lawyer Vikas Singh have claimed that Rhea was administering drugs to him without his knowledge, with his father claiming that she was trying to poison him.


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