Salman Khan and Disha Patani’s highly anticipated film ‘Radhe’ is all set to release on May 13. Prior it’s release, buzz is that Salman has voluntarily offered 21 cuts to his film after the certification. As we all know that ‘Radhe’ may have limited release in cinemas in some parts of the country, the Examining Committee of the CBFC ( Central Board of Film Certification) has endorsed the film with UA certification.

There were quite a few scenes in the film, where a boy was shown consuming drugs. About six such drug scenes have been deleted by the makers of the film as the censor board doesn’t allow drug consumption scenes in UA certification. Now if any child below the age of 12 is allowed to see the film, it should be considered by the parent or guardian of such child.

The makers also deleted a scene of Azaan outside Radhe’s police station. Salman Khan has also volunteered for Swachh Bharat, but there was a dialogue of Swach Mumbai which has now been dubbed to Swacch Bharat.

This is probably Salman Khan’s first film that will have a digital release. As per sources the duration of ‘Radhe’ is considered to be the actor’s shortest film with a duration of 114 minutes.


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By vinayak