Sonam Kapoor was in the eye of storm after a debate on nepotism sparked on social media, post the untimely demise of Sushant Singh Rajput. The ‘Aisha’ actress received hate messages on social media and decided to disable comments on social media. In an Instagram story, Sonam had shared, “Yes I’ve switched off my comments section and my parents’ comment section because I don’t want my 64 year old parents to go through this. They did nothing wrong to deserve this. And I’m not doing it out of fear you morons I’m doing it out of common sense to preserve my mental health and my parents.”


While Sonam Kapoor choose to switch off the comments, Sonakshi Sinha disable her Twitter account. ““How I got myself off twitter and away from the negativity. Some people are celebrating like they won something… im happy for you, tumhe laga raha hai na… lagne do, kisi ko koi farak nahi padh raha. But lets face it, ive cut the direct source of insult and abuse in my life. Ive taken away YOUR power to be able to say whatever it is that you want to me, my family and my friends. Ive taken away that access you had to me, that i had given you so trustingly. So theres only one winner here. Me,” Sonakshi had shared on Instagram.


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By vinayak