Sonu Sood recently opened up about being called the biggest scam of 2020 by some trolls on social media who tried to negate all his noble deeds. According to the actor, he has no time to read all this as he is busy helping people.
Spilling some more beans on the same, Sonu reportedly told a news portal that these trolls are just a handful of people who don’t exist in reality. According to him, they are paid people who run 100-200 accounts.

Elaborating further, he added that if these trolls start counting the number of people that he has connected with, their kids will grow up by then. The actor also stated that he has a list of 7,03,200 people who he connected with over the last four months, along with their addresses, phone numbers, Aadhaar card details and it is increasing by every second.

Taking on the trolls, Sonu said that the trolls should use the money they earn from this, to further help those in need.

From sending migrants back to their home towns through all possible means of transport to helping someone in need of a critical surgery to providing books for students, the actor has been all over the place helping people in every possible way.


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By vinayak