Sushant Singh Rajput’s untimely and tragic demise has opened up debates and discussions on nepotism in Bollywood and also on bullying and mental pressure that young outside actors face in the industry. Sonu Sood recently opened up about the same in an interview with a news portal.
Talking about the same, he reportedly said that people will talk about this for a few days and then move on to something new. Then a new outsider will come into the industry to become an actor. He too will struggle to get noticed and bag a film.

Reminiscing the time when he was a struggler, Sonu reportedly added that he has the watchman of the Film City Rs 500 to let him watch a shooting. When he was doing so, somebody asked him if he was an actor, to which he said no he was just there to watch the shooting. He added that he felt that it was very easy to become an actor at that time. But it doesn’t happen like that in reality.

Sonu went on to state that no matter how talented and strong you are, it is very difficult to make a mark in the industry. He also pointed out the fact that there are hardly people in the industry who are outsiders and have become successful in the industry. He added that he has had his share of struggles and he stated that today he can proudly say that it made him a better and wiser man.

Speaking about the anger of Sushant’s fans on one section of Bollywood, Sonu reportedly said that it is not right to blame one section of the industry for someone’s death. According to him, it is very difficult for those individuals also to hear someone blame you for someone’s death. According to him, these are the people who have given life to a lot of people in the industry. One needs to respect that and let time decide what is right.

He also stated that Sushant’s demise is a huge tragedy. A lot of people have great things to say about him. He feels that people should stay calm and not pounce on someone and hold them responsible.


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By vinayak