From being Miss Universe to becoming a successful Bollywood actress, Sushmita Sen has come a long way in her career. Despite being an outsider in the industry, she revealed that she never let anyone disrespect her and that she has done everything with integrity and respect.
Talking about the same to a news portal, Sushmita reportedly said that a lot of young people come from smaller cities who eat and breathe cinema. According to her, although the hunger in them is fantastic, it is often mistaken for desperation and then everybody tries to take advantage of this.

Elaborating more on the same, she added that given the competition in the industry, the desperation then becomes too much pressure. People get judged by the number of followers he or she has on social media.

Citing her example, she stated that although she was an outsider in Bollywood, she was approached to be part of a film by default because of the beauty pageant she won. She also added that she gave her 100 percent to the films initially which did not do well. However, she worked hard on them and never became desperate.

She also went on to say that there was once a point when she decided to do something else in her career. But she added that she always knew that whatever she will, she will do it with integrity and respect. According to her, one might be the biggest filmmaker or actor, but she will be treated with respect and dignity.

On the work front, Sushmita has been away from the silver screen for a long time now. She has recently made her debut on a digital platform.


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