It’s a blunt quote alright but this is exactly what Vikram Bhatt told us on the professional split between his uncles Mahesh and Mukesh Bhatt. To quote Vikram in full, he told ETimes, when contacted this evening, “Whatever I have to say I will not say because my boss Mahesh Bhatt has asked me to not talk on this subject and I have to listen to him.”

Vikram recently collaborated with Mahesh Bhatt on a film ‘Cold’ which Vikram is directing and Mahesh Bhatt has written along with Suhir Sen Gupta. After working on ‘Inteha’ (2004) for Vishesh Films, which was his seventh film for Vishesh Films, Vikram had started working outside the Bhatt banner; he however returned to wield the megaphone for them on ‘Raaz 3’ (2012). Lately, Vikram’s web show ‘Bisaat’ for MX Player has won a good amount of acclaim.

For those who’ve come in late, the news of Mahesh Bhatt and his younger brother Mukesh Bhatt going separate ways came to light on January 23, 2021, when ETimes was the first to report about it. While Mahesh Bhatt had not commented then and hasn’t even till now, Mukesh Bhatt had said. “Mahesh is not out of Vishesh Films per se. Please get this clear. The company Vishesh Films has been mine; my brother was a Creative Consultant on several projects even after he had stopped directing. If I have a film hereafter where I need him, he will be there for his creativity. We have had no fight, but he does not want to hold the position anymore. Sakshi and Vishesh (Mukesh’s children) are going to take the Vishesh Films legacy forward. They have some brilliant ideas and I shall always be around to guide them with my experience. The time has come for my children to grow in the business of movie-making which we are very passionate about.”

Talking exclusively to ETimes, Mahesh Bhatt and Mukesh Bhatt’s nephew Emraan Hashmi recently said: “I have many fond memories of Vishesh Films. I just wish we all come back together to do a film. I don’t know what the subject will be, though. But to answer your question, well, all good things come to an end. Equations change. Nothing is permanent. And I am saying this without knowing the details of what has played out between them.” For those who missed that video interview, we reproduce it below:

Vishesh Films has churned out over 57 films and Mahesh Bhatt has been a part of 90 per cent of them. Let’s wait and see if this separation is for keeps or the brothers resolve their differences.


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