Weddings allowed in lockdown

Weddings allowed with 50 guests, social distancing in lockdown

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According to the lockdown 4.0 guidelines, weddings are allowed with not more than 50 guests and the organisers or the hosts must ensure that the guests maintain social distancing at all times


The government has continued to allow weddings with a limited number of cases. According to the lockdown 4.0 guidelines, weddings are now allowed with not more than 50 guests. As per the MHA guidelines, the organisers or the hosts must ensure that the guests maintain social distancing at all times.

The government has also allowed inter-state movement of passenger vehicles and buses with mutual consent of states and union territories involved. In order to facilitate the movement of people, various modes of transport have already been opened up as per SoPs issued by MHA and all other activities will be permitted except those which are specifically prohibited under these guidelines.

However, in containment zones, only essential activities shall be allowed, as mentioned earlier.

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The department of Health and Family Welfare Services, government of Karnataka has issued the following advisory for performing marriages/events:

  1. Necessary prior permission for the event, travel passes shall be obtained from local authorities.
    2. The Marriage event shall allow a maximum number of guests of not more than 50.
    3. The event shall be conducted in a suitable public place with good natural ventilation (No Air condition).
    4. Person from containment zone shall not be allowed to attend the event.
    5. Persons more than 65 years of age, pregnant women and children below 10 years are not permitted to attend the event.
    6. Sanitizers at the entry and at appropriate places shall be provided.
    7. Thermal screening of all persons shall be conducted at entry of the venue. The scanner should be held 3-15 centimeters away from the person’s forehead.
    8. Anyone found having fever (37.50 C or 99.50 F), cold, cough, difficulty in breathing shall not be permitted to attend the event and immediately referred to seek medical advice.
    9. All persons shall wear face mask compulsorily.
    10. All persons shall maintain physical distance more than 1 meter.
    11. Hand wash with soap and water at wash rooms shall be provided.
    12. Consumption of liquor, paan, gutkha, tobacco, etc is not allowed.
    13. The venue shall be maintained clean and hygienic.
    14. Spitting in public places in prohibited.
    15. A Nodal Person shall be identified for overseeing the arrangements and coordination at the venue.
    16. A list of attenders of the marriage with contact details has to be maintained.
    17. All guests should have downloaded Arogya Setu app from google playstore.


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