Bollywood actor Nawazuddin Siddiqui’s marriage has come under the spotlight with his wife Aaliya Siddiqui demanding a divorce. This has not only put the actor but also his rather shocking confessions back under the scanner. It wasn’t too long ago when the star spilled one too many details of his affairs, romances, flings, one night stands and more in his memoir that was later pulled off stands.

Among the many bombshells, he dropped in his book, was one where he narrated at length about a one night stand he had with a waitress in New York City. Penning down the events of the day, the excerpts from his book read, “Those years between 2006 and 2010 were pretty incredible too. The industry had begun to notice me… Strangely, the West was kinder to me first, both in terms of love and work. I was at a cafe once with my friend in New York City’s Soho area. The stunning waitress kept staring at me. ‘You? You are an actor?’ she asked a rhetorical question. ‘Yes!’ I replied. ‘Which film of mine did you see? Gangs of Wasseypur?’ She squinted, trying to remember, ‘No, no,’ she said. ‘Another film!’ After a few moments, she responded: ‘Lunchbox!’ We got talking and let’s just say what happens in New York stays in New York…”

Amidst various reports of his divorce taking over headlines, the actor’s past statements on his love affairs have resurfaced on the internet.

According to reports, Nawazuddin Siddiqui’s wife Aaliya Siddiqui has sent a legal notice to the actor, seeking a divorce and an end to their 10-year long marriage. Claiming that the couple has had problems since the first years of their union, it has been revealed that Nawaz has is expected to respond to the notice in 15 days.

Speaking about the same in an interview to Bombay Times, Aaliya is reportedly seeking custody of both the children. While stating that there are serious allegations of sensitive nature in the notice, Aaliya’s lawyer says, “When the matter is taken up in the court, then probably things will come out.”


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