First things first, it is extremely surprising that the entire soundtrack of Zero released on the same day as the film’s arrival in theatres. Even though ‘Mere Naam Tu’, ‘Issaqbaazi’ as well as ‘Husn Parcham’ had been received quite well, somehow the makers didn’t unveil the entire soundtrack with four more songs. What’s further surprising is that these songs have been quite well composed as well and hence one wonders why the jukebox release was delayed. Nonetheless, let’s check out what Ajay-Atul and Tanishk Bagchi along with Irshad Kamil have to offer.

Music Review: Zero


Zero sees a fantastic start for itself, what with ‘Mere Naam Tu’ turning out to be the love ballad of the year. A marvellous composition by Ajay-Atul with some beautiful poetic lyrics by Irshad Kamil, ‘Mere Naam Tu’ has been sung brilliantly by Abhay Jodhpurkar. In fact his voice suits Shah Rukh Khan to the T and one now waits for their further collaborations. An all-rounder of a tune which makes one play this romantic number in loop, ‘Mere Naam Tu’ has a grand feel to it, especially the orchestra and the chorus that emerges at the end. Chartbuster.

The combo of Ajay-Atul and Irshad Kamil continues with further offering in the form of ‘Issaqbaazi’. This was meant to be a huge inclusion in Zero considering the fact that it features Shah Rukh Khan and Salman Khan together. However, Salman has limited appearance in this song which is rendered by Sukhwinder Singh and Divya Kumar. A catchy number with a foot tapping appeal, this one has a 80s feel to it with a UP-Bihar set up. Somehow the song doesn’t cover an extra distance to emerge as a huge success and just about fits into the proceedings.

As for Katrina Kaif, she does get a special song indeed; what with ‘Husn Parcham’ pretty much paying homage to her ‘husn’. Think Katrina Kaif and you expect a song like this which takes her into ‘Sheila Ki Jawaani’ zone. Of course, this one with Bhoomi Trivedi as the lead singer and Raja Kumari adding with her rap is more class oriented but it a chartbuster number nonetheless. As a matter of fact after you have heard this one a couple of times, ‘Husn Parcham’ comes across as a tune that Vishal-Shekhar would have composed with ease.

Yet again, it is huge orchestra at play as Ajay-Atul brings on the kind of canvas that is expected out of them. A song about separation and pining heart that is rooting for true love, ‘Ann Bann’ is a very well written number that is sung quite well too by Kunal Ganjawala. It is after a long time that one hears the singer in a biggie and he does complete justice to ‘Ann Bann’ which comes as a crucial juncture in the film’s narrative and adds good weight to the proceedings. A well composed, tunes and sung situational number.

Tanishk Bagchi takes over from this point on and is associated with as many as three songs. First to arrive is Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan’s ‘Tanha Hua’ which is recreated by Tanishk with Jyoti Nooran and Rahat Fateh Ali Khan coming together. An excellent number which has Irshad Kamil adding on to Khwaja Parvaiz’s words, ‘Tanha Hua’ is a heartfelt number of pain and intensity about loneliness in love. This is the kind of number that should have been promoted long ago as it has the adequate depth and is also in Shah Rukh zone. Hope it finds its audience soon.

The soundtrack only continues to get better, what with ‘Heer Badnam’ coming next. A superb song that is sung brilliantly by Romy, it has just the kind of lyrics that one would have expected from guest lyricist Kumaar. He pours in all the pain that one feels in love and it is remarkable to hear how Romy goes about rendering this one with Tanishk Bagchi coming up with a composition that is instantly catchy and impressive. Any regrets? Well, the song is just 140 seconds long when it could have just been apt had it been much longer.

Altamash Faridi concludes Zero on a satisfactory note with the traditional ‘Duma Dam Mast Kalandar’. There is something magical about this sufi outing that you are entertained each time it is played. There may have been close to half a dozen filmy outings that the song has already witnessed in last few years but you never get tired of it. Same is the case here too in Zero.


 Zero is a complete album and is one of the best that 2018 had to offer. Had the promotion of the entire soundtrack been intensive during last couple of months, the songs may well have reached a different level altogether. Nonetheless, now that the soundtrack is out, do give it a hear for sure.


 Mere Naam Tu, Husn Parhcham, Tanha Hua, Heer Badnaam


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