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Celebrate Guru Purnima in Elegance at Club 12i

Enhance Your International Yoga Day Rent Speaker Club 12i for Rs. 1200


Celebrate International Yoga Day with Enhanced Sound: Rent the Speaker Club 12i for Rs. 1200

As International Yoga Day approaches, yoga enthusiasts and organizers are gearing up to celebrate this global event with mindfulness and serenity. One essential aspect of any successful yoga session or event is the quality of sound. Whether it’s guiding participants through asanas or creating a tranquil ambiance with soothing music, having the right audio equipment can significantly enhance the experience.

Introducing the Speaker Club 12i, a versatile and powerful speaker system available for rent at an affordable rate of just Rs. 1200. Designed to deliver crisp and clear audio, the Speaker Club 12i is ideal for both indoor and outdoor yoga sessions. Here’s why it’s the perfect choice for your International Yoga Day celebration:

Enhanced Audio Clarity: With its advanced sound technology, the Speaker Club 12i ensures that every word spoken and every note played is heard with precision. Whether you’re conducting guided meditation or playing calming music, this speaker guarantees an immersive experience for all participants.

Portability and Convenience: Planning an outdoor yoga session at a park or beach? No problem! The Speaker Club 12i is lightweight and portable, making it easy to transport and set up anywhere. Its rechargeable battery ensures uninterrupted use, so you can focus on enjoying the practice without worrying about power outlets.

Affordable Rental Option: At just Rs. 1200 per rental, the Speaker Club 12i offers exceptional value for money. Perfect for yoga instructors, event organizers, or yoga studios looking to elevate their International Yoga Day celebrations without breaking the bank.

How to Rent the Speaker Club 12i: Renting the Speaker Club 12i for your International Yoga Day event is simple. Just contact our rental service at [Your Contact Information/Website Link] to check availability and make a booking. We provide flexible rental durations to suit your event schedule.

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