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Thumb Go 8


Product Features:

  1. Ultra-efficient 200W Class-D amplifier
  2. 8” custom high-output woofer and 1” compression driver for a clean, punchy sound
  3. Removable lithium-ion battery with up to 12 hours of battery life
  4. Bluetooth connectivity for music streaming or linking a second Thump GO
  5. Wireless control via the Thump Connect 2 app
  6. 2-channel digital mixer with dual XLR / TRS combo inputs and XLR mix output
  7. Feedback eliminator to prevent unwanted squeals and rumble
  8. 4 application-specific speaker modes—Music, Speech, Monitor and Sub
  9. Indoor or outdoor voicing modes
  10. Music Ducking Mode automatically lowers channel 2 when channel 1 receives signal
  11. Sturdy, lightweight speaker enclosure to withstand heavy use
  12. Rugged, powder-coated steel grille

Short Description

Party Speaker on rent Mumbai Thumbgo 8

Take Your Stage Anywhere
Set the stage, wherever you want it to be. Bring professional live sound reinforcement to small concerts, corporate events, assemblies, weddings, parties and more. Mackie Thump GO puts powerful sound processing and wireless control in your hands, whether you’re holding a guitar, wired or wireless microphone or DJ controller.

No Power, No Problem
The removable lithium-ion battery pack is key to Thump GO’s ultra-portable design. With a single charge, Thump GO can deliver signature “thump” and clarity for 12 hours. Pair a second rechargeable battery for extra-long gigs.

Sound Great Instantly
Thump GO has some pretty powerful audio processing under the hood that you can use to step up your game. Choose from four different application-specific voicing modes to optimize your sound with the push of a button.

Duck Duck Shush
DJs will especially love this one. Thump GO has an integrated Music Ducking Mode that attenuates the volume level of channel 2 whenever a signal is received on channel 1. Now you can make big announcements like, “Hear how great I sound” without messing with your gain levels on the mixer or your equipment.

If we really wanted to get rid of feedback, we’d have to rewrite the laws of acoustics, which sounds like an uphill battle, to say the least. Instead, we gave Thump GO a Feedback Eliminator to get rid of that unwanted squeal. Just hit the button and say goodbye to awkward speeches (at least the ear-piercing part).

Wireless Streaming and Control
No DJ equipment? No problem! Easily stream music directly to your Thump GO via Bluetooth. Using the Thump Connect 2 app, you can adjust anything from EQ and Voicing Modes to channel levels and custom presets—all from the centre of the dancefloor.


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